Werewolf Of London



Botanist and orchid hunter Dr Wilfred Glendon journeys to Tibet in search of the mariphasa plant. While there, he is attacked and bitten by a creature.

Back at his home in London, Dr Glendon is visted by fellow botanist Dr Yogami who claims to have met him in Tibet whilst searching for the same mariphasa plant. Dr Yogami warns Dr Glendon that a werewolf bite can cause the victim to transform into a werewolf. Yogami adds that the mariphasa plant can be a temporary antidote for the disease of lycanthropy.

Glendon is initially sceptical of Dr Yogami's warnings, but finds that his scepticism is misplaced when he discovers that his hand grows fur when immersed in the rays of his moon lamp. That night, he begins his first transformation into a werewolf and is able to stave off the full effects of the curse placed upon him by using a bloom of the mariphasa plant.

The second time Glendon begins to transform, he makes his way to his laboratory, in the hopes of acquiring the mariphasa's flowers to quell his lycanthropy. Unfortunately Dr Yogami, who is also a werewolf, sneaks into the lab ahead of Glendon and steals the only two blossoms. As the third has not bloomed, Glendon is out of luck.

Driven by an intense desire to hunt and kill, he ventures out into the dark city and kills an innocent girl. A remorseful Glendon begins neglecting his wife Lisa, and locks himself up far away by renting a room at an inn. However, he finds it impossible to stop his desire to kill. Catching Yogami in the act of stealing the third blossom of the mariphasa plant, Glendon finally realises that Yogami was the werewolf that attacked him in Tibet. As the werewolf, Glendon slays Yogami. He then goes to the house in search of Lisa, as the werewolf instinctively seeks to destroy those which it loves the most.

After attacking Paul on the lawn of Glendon manor, Glendon breaks into the house and traps Lisa on the staircase. Paul's uncle, Col Sir Thomas Forsythe of Scotland Yard, arrives with several police officers and shoots Glendon. The dying Glendon, still in werewolf form, thanks Col Forsythe for the merciful bullet. He then says goodbye to Lisa and dies before reverting to his human form.

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Classic-Horror: Though not the grand spectacle of horror that the later Wolf Man would be, The Werewolf of London still stands out as a fine effort from Universal.

Classic-Monsters.com: Compared to George Waggner's eventual masterpiece, the dramatically superior The Wolf Man (1941), Werewolf of London does not stand up very well at all.

Allmovie.com: While Werewolf of London may not be as creepy as its more famous successor, it still has much to offer.


From trailer: It stalks the earth today... as it did in the middle ages!... The Werewolf of London.


  • Directed by Stuart Walker
  • Produced by Stanley Bergerman
  • Music by Karl Hajos
  • Cinematography Charles J. Stumar
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • Bela Lugosi was considered for the role of Dr Yogami.
  • Henry Hull was unwilling to spend hours in make-up, so a minimalist approach was taken to the design of the werewolf.
  • Henry Hull is 27 years older than his on-screen wife Valerie Hobson.

  • CAST

    Henry Hull -- Dr Glendon | Warner Oland -- Dr Yogami | Valerie Hobson -- Lisa Glendon | Lester Matthews -- Paul Ames | Lawrence Grant -- Sir Thomas Forsythe | Spring Byington -- Miss Ettie Coombes | Clark Williams -- Hugh Renwick | J.M. Kerrigan -- Hawkins | Charlotte Granville -- Lady Forsythe | Ethel Griffies -- Mrs Whack | Zeffie Tilbury -- Mrs. Moncaster | Jeanne Bartlett -- Daisy

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