Twins Of Evil



After the death of their parents in Vienna, twins Maria and Frieda Gellhorn move to Karnstein to live with their aunt and uncle, Cathy and Gustav Weil.

Gustav Weil is an insanely devoted witch hunter who spends his nights searching for suspected agents of the devil and extinguishing them. His greatest foe is Count Karnstein, who practices the black arts under the protection of the Emperor.

When Karnstein sacrifices a young woman, the blood runs through a crack in the table, under which is the tomb of Marcilla Karnstein. Marcilla is thus resurrected and makes the Count a vampire.

Aunt Cathy enrolls the girls in a school. Anton Hoffer, the choirmaster, immediately takes a liking to Frieda. Frieda, however, finds Count Karnstein more to her liking, and one night she sneaks out to his carriage and is taken to his castle. Here she is made a vampire.

When Gustav finds that Frieda is a vampire, after he sees her attacking a man, he condemns her to death and goes home for Cathy. Cathy will not allow him to take Maria and let her be burned as a witch.

Meanwhile, Karnstein abducts Maria and swaps her for Frieda. While the witch hunters are preparing to burn Frieda( who happens to be Maria ), Anton goes to see Maria and recognises that it is Frieda. He tries to tell Gustav but he does not believe him.

Can Anton save Maria in time?

Twins Of Evil 1971 - Hammer Films Twins Of Evil 1971 - Hammer Films


Classic-horror: Providing you donít go into it with the high expectations you came to expect from the earlier Hammer age, you will find it to be quite the enjoyably ghoulish ride.

Mondo-esoterica: Despite its mixed up plot, and rather unimpressive direction, Twins of Evil remains one of Hammer's more enjoyable efforts and comes recommended to all cult movie fans looking for something light and entertaining.


  • Directed by John Hough.

  • CAST

    Inigo Jackson -- Woodman | Judy Matheson -- Woodman's Daughter | David Warbeck -- Anton Hoffer | Peter Cushing -- Gustav Weil | Harvey Hall -- Franz | Alex Scott -- Hermann | Shelagh Wilcocks -- Lady in Coach | Madeleine Collinson -- Frieda Gellhorn | Mary Collinson -- Maria Gellhorn | Kathleen Byron -- Katy Weil | Roy Stewart -- Joachim | Luan Peters -- Gerta | Damien Thomas -- Count Karnstein | Dennis Price -- Dietrich | Maggie Wright -- Alexa | Katya Wyeth -- Countess Mircalla

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