To The Devil A Daughter



John Verney is the author of occult fiction. While at a press reception, Verney is met by Henry Beddows who offers to give him information about a group of satanists in return for him looking after his daughter, Catherine.

Verney meets Catherine and finds that she is a nun. Catherine has spent her life abroad as a member of the sinister cult 'Church of Our Lord'. The church is presided over by Father Michael Rayner.

It Doesn't take long for Verney to realise that the church is the front for satan worshippers and that they are pursuing Catherine and not her father. Catherine is needed in order for the cult to perform a ritual which will unleash demonic forces into the world.

John Verney must protect Catherine and also battle Michael Rayner before evil takes dominance.

To The Devil A Daughter 1976 - Hammer Films To The Devil A Daughter 1976 - Hammer Films


Britishhorrorfilms: To The Devil... A Daughter may be occasionally unwatchable, but it's a fine way for Hammer to bow out.

Timeout: Hammer's second attempt at a Dennis Wheatley black magic thriller bears little comparison with the earlier The Devil Rides Out. It is very much a contemporary post-Exorcist movie, full of rampaging foetuses, obscene pregnancy rituals, and stray sexual suggestions.


Father Michael Rayner: It is not heresy, and I will not recant!


  • Directed by Peter Sykes
  • Produced by Roy Skeggs
  • Music by Paul Glass
  • Cinematography David Watkin
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • Nastassja Kinski's full frontal nude scene achieved controversy as she was only fifteen at the time.
  • The film was based on a novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley.

  • CAST

    Richard Widmark -- John Verney | Christopher Lee -- Father Michael Rayner | Honor Blackman -- Anna Fountain | Denholm Elliott -- Henry Beddows | Michael Goodliffe -- George De Grass | Nastassja Kinski -- Catherine | Eva Maria Meineke -- Eveline De Grass | Anthony Valentine -- David | Derek Francis -- The Bishop | Izabella Telezynska -- Margaret | Constantine Gregory -- Kollde (as Constantin de Goguel) | Anna Bentinck -- Isabel | Irene Prador -- German matron | Brian Wilde -- Black Room attendant | Petra Peters -- Sister Helle

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