The Satanic Rites Of Dracula



The Satanic Rites Of Dracula 1974 - Hammer Films A wounded secret service agent manages to escape from an English country house, a place where satanic rituals are performed. Before dying from his wounds, he reveals to his superiors that four prominent members of society are involved in the satanic cult led by Chin Yang. Inspector Murray is brought in to work on the case and he suggests consulting occult expert Professor Lorrimar Van Helsing.

Van Helsing discovers that one of the members of the satanic cult is Professor Julian Keeley, a Nobel prize winner, and that he has been working on a strain of bubonic plague which spreads rapidly and kills rapidly on touch. Van Helsing comes to the conclusion that the evil influence of a reincarnated Count Dracula is behind the satanic cult and he must act fast to prevent the unspeakble horrors that will occur if Dracula's plots are successful.

The Satanic Rites Of Dracula 1974 - Hammer Films Van Helsing traces Dracula to the headquarters of the reclusive property developer D. D. Denham. He tries and fails to shoot Dracula with a silver bullet and is then transferred to the country house by Count Dracula's conspirators. Also at the country house are Jessica, Van Helsing's granddaughter, and Inspector Murray who were watching the house but are now captives.

Dracula's aim is to infect the world with a deadly plague, and have Helsing's granddaughter, Jessica, as his consort. A melee caused by Inspector Murray, allows Van Helsing to escape through a window with Dracula following. Van Helsing lures Dracula into a Hawthorn bush, a Christian symbol, where he becomes entangled giving Van Helsing time to grab a fence post and plunge it into his heart. Van Helsing spots Dracula's ring in the ashes and picks it up.

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Britishhorrorfilms: The action moves along at a cracking pace (there's a phrase used by all apologists) and if you ignore the plot holes it's brill.

Timeout: A lot of weak action scenes and weaker lines, but still a vast improvement on Dracula A.D.

Allmovie: Least interesting film in the Hammer Dracula series.


Count Dracula: [To Van Helsing] My revenge has spread over centuries and has just begun!


  • Directed by Alan Gibson
  • Produced by Roy Skeggs & Don Houghton
  • Music by John Cacavas
  • Cinematography by Brian Probyn
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • Loose sequel to Dracula AD72.
  • This was the final Hammer film Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee would star in together.
  • In some countries the film is known as Dracula and his Vampire Bride.

  • CAST

    Christopher Lee -- Count Dracula | Peter Cushing -- Prof. Lorrimer Van Helsing | Michael Coles -- Insp. Murray | William Franklyn -- Torrence | Freddie Jones -- Prof. Julian Keeley | Joanna Lumley -- Jessica Van Helsing | Richard Vernon -- Col. Mathews | Barbara Yu Ling -- Chin Yang | Patrick Barr -- Lord Carradine | Richard Mathews -- John Porter | Lockwood West -- General Sir Arthur Freeborne | Valerie Van Ost -- Jane | Maurice O'Connell -- Hanson | Peter Adair -- Doctor | Maggie Fitzgerald -- Vampire girl

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