The Phantom Of The Opera



London 1900: The opening night at the London Opera House of a new opera by Lord Ambrose D'Arcy. An arrogant and pompous man, he is annoyed when informed that the theatre is not sold out.

Behind the scenes the cast are nervous and filled with a sense of foreboding. After the lead singer's first aria, the side of the scenery rips apart to reveal a hanged stage hand. The curtain is immediately brought down, and the lead singer refuses to sing again.

The show's producer, Harry Hunter, has to audition new singers. Christine Charles is chosen as the new lead singer, lecherously approved of by D'Arcy, and he invites her to dinner.

While changing in her dressing room, Christine is warned about D'Arcy by a strange disembodied voice.

The warnings prove accurate when D'Arcy attempts to seduce her at dinner. Leaving his apartment, she is saved by Harry.

The Phantom Of The Opera 1962 - Hammer Films The Phantom Of The Opera 1962 - Hammer Films


The Phantom: I am going to teach you to sing, Christine. I am going to give you a new voice! A voice so wonderful that theatres all over the world will be filled with your admirers. You will be the greatest star the opera has ever known. Greater than the greatest! And when you sing, Christine, you will be singing only... for me.


  • Directed by Terence Fisher.

  • CAST

    Herbert Lom -- The Phantom (Prof. L. Petrie) | Heather Sears -- Christine Charles | Edward de Souza -- Harry Hunter | Thorley Walters -- Lattimer | Michael Gough -- Lord Ambrose d'Arcy | Harold Goodwin -- Bill | Martin Miller -- Rossi | Liane Aukin -- Maria | Sonya Cordeau -- Yvonne | Marne Maitland -- Xavier | Miriam Karlin -- Charwoman | Patrick Troughton -- The Rat Catcher | Renee Houston -- Mrs. Tucker | Keith Pyott -- Weaver | John Harvey -- Sgt. Vickers

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