The Gorgon



Overshadowing the village of Vandorf is the castle Borski. Since the turn of the century a monster from ancient times came there to live. The spectre of death has hovered ever since.

When his father and brother die under strange circumstances, Paul Heitz travels to the village to investigate. It seems that the locals are literally being turned to stone. He hears strange tales of Megaera, a Gorgon, whose visage is so hideous it can scare men to death. It becomes apparent that Megaera has taken human form.

The Gorgon 1964 - Hammer Films The Gorgon 1964 - Hammer Films


Britishhorrorfilms: The Gorgon, however, is great stuff, and worth tracking down.

Timeout: One of the few Hammer films with a female monster, this very English slice of Grand Guignol is undermined by failings in the make-up department.

Classic-horror: The Gorgon pleases from opening titles to closing credits. Recommended for all classic horror fans, people with a passing interest in horror.


Dr. Namaroff: We are men of science. I don't believe in ghosts or evil spirits, and I don't think you do, either.


  • Directed by Terence Fisher
  • Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Michael Reed
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • Megaera is actually one of the Erinyes from ancient mythology and not a gorgon.
  • Christopher Lee said that the only thing wrong with The Gorgon is the gorgon!

  • CAST

    Peter Cushing -- Dr Namaroff | Richard Pasco -- Paul Heitz | Barbara Shelley -- Carla Hoffman | Michael Goodliffe -- Professor Jules Heitz | Patrick Troughton -- Inspector Kanof | Jack Watson -- Ratoff | Joseph O'Conor -- Coroner | Redmond Phillips -- Hans, the valet | Jeremy Longhurst -- Bruno Heitz | Toni Gilpin -- Sascha Cass | Joyce Hemson -- Martha, the mad woman | Alister Williamson -- Janus Cass | Michael Peake -- Constable | Sally Nesbitt -- Nurse

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