The Mummy's Tomb

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It is thirty years after the events of The Mummy's Hand. Stephen Banning recites the story of Kharis to his family and guests in his Massachusetts home.

Andoheb explains the legend of Kharis to his follower, Mehemet Bey . He passes onto him the instructions for the use of the tana leaves and assigns him the task of killing the remaining members of the Banning Expedition and their descendants. Andoheb then dies. Bey and Kharis leave Egypt and journey to the United States.

Bey takes a caretaker's job at a local cemetery and administers the tana fluid to Kharis giving him life. The first victim is Stephen Banning, who is killed by Kharis as the aging archaeologist prepares for bed.

Babe Hanson arrives on the scene after he learns of his friend's death. When Jane Banning, Steve's sister, is killed, Hanson suspects the hand of a mummy. Hanson is dispatched by Kharis a little later.

John Banning, Stephen Banning's son, enlists Professor Norman. Norman solves the puzzle of the "grayish mark" found on the victims, the substance is mold from a mummy which convinces John Banning that his father's "wild" stories were in fact true.

John Banning and his girlfriend, Isobel Evans are soon to marry, so Bey sets out to disrupt their nuptials as Bey has become smitten with Isobel. He sends a reluctant Kharis on a mission to bring her to him.

Kharis enters the Evans' home and abducts Isobel. Bey unveils his plan to Isobel, explaining to her that she is to become the bride of a High Priest of Karnak.

John Banning is convinced that the new Egyptian neighbour may be involved in the crimes. He arrives at the cemetery with force and confronts Bey. Kharis secretly slips away with Isobel while Bey attempts to shoot Banning, but he is himself gunned down by the Sheriff. Kharis is seen heading towards the Banning estate, so the group begins pursuit.

Inside the estate, Banning rescues Isobel from Kharis with the aid of the Sheriff and Coroner. The townspeople set fire to the house, and Kharis perishes. Banning and Isobel marry, and the curse is ended.

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REVIEWS The Mummy's Tomb is the kind of movie where the people who watch it already know what they're in for. Notwithstanding all its shortcomings, diehard fans have plenty to enjoy in this high-body-count precursor to the modern-day slasher movie, and ultimately The Mummy's Tomb is still viewed with a degree of affection today. The Mummy's Tomb is fairly entertaining fare and it is fun to see the angry villagers from the original Frankenstein back in action via stock footage.


From trailer: Dead 3000 years...but alive.


  • Directed by Harold Young
  • Produced by Ben Pivar
  • Cinematography George Robinson
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • The Mummy's Tomb (1942) is a sequel to The Mummy's Hand (1940)

  • CAST

    Lon Chaney Jr. -- Kharis, the Mummy (as Lon Chaney) | Dick Foran -- Stephen Banning | John Hubbard -- Dr. John Banning | Elyse Knox -- Isobel Evans | George Zucco -- Andoheb | Wallace Ford -- 'Babe' Hanson | Turhan Bey -- Mehemet Bey | Virginia Brissac -- Mrs. Ella Evans | Cliff Clark -- Sheriff | Mary Gordon -- Jane Banning | Paul E. Burns -- Jim, the caretaker | Frank Reicher -- Professor Matthew Norman | Emmett Vogan -- Coroner

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