The Mummy's Ghost

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The Mummy's Ghost 1944 In Egypt, Yousef Bey is summoned by the High Priest of Arkam, who tells him the story of Kharis. Yousef Bey learns that Kharis still lives, and comes to American to return both Ananka and Kharis to their rightful resting places in Arkam.

Meanwhile in Mapleton, Massachusetts, Egyptologist Professor Matthew Norman tells his students how the tomb of Princess Ananka was removed from its burial place and became a prized possession of the Scripps Museum in New York. Norman also tells his students the story of Kharis, who was kept alive in a mummified state through the use of tana leaves. Kharis killed all the members of the Egyptian expedition that uncovered Ananka's tomb, and later perished in a fire. Amina Mansouri, an Egyptian exchange student, is particularly unnerved by the talk.

In his laboratory, Norman brews nine tana leaves. This attracts Kharis. As Kharis passes Amina's home, she goes into a trance-like state and follows Kharis to the Normans' house. There, Kharis strangles the professor to death, and drinks the life-sustaining brew. Sheriff Elwood surmises that Norman's death is the work of Kharis, having discovered mould around the professor's neck. Amina is questioned, as she was found unconscious just outside the murder scene, but she has no memory of the night's events.

Yousef Bey arrives in Mapleton and revives Kharis during the next full moon. The two go to the Scripps Museum to retrieve the body of Ananka. Ananka disintegrates at the touch of Kharis. Bey realizes that Ananka's soul has been reincarnated into another body. Kharis is enraged and begins destroying the exhibit, attracting the security guard who is mercilessly dispatched by Kharis.

Police Inspector Walgreen with the help of Dr Ayad decide to use tana leaves to attract and capture Kharis. They intend to confine Kharis until a way to deal with him can be found.

Meanwhile, Yousef Bey calls upon Amon-Ra to lead him to the new home of Ananka's soul and then sends Kharis in that direction to find Ananka.

Inspector Walgreen now begins to bait his trap by burning nine tana leaves and Kharis immediately heads toward the Norman home. Amina is awakened by his approach and hypnotically wanders into the yard. Kharis recognizes her as the carrier of Ananka's soul and Amina faints as Kharis picks her up and takes her away.

Mrs. Blake, Amina's guardian, phones Tom, Amina's fiancee, to alert him. Tom sets out in pursuit while Mrs. Blake tells Inspector Walgreen, Sheriff Elwood and a large group of volunteers. Kharis arrives at the mill and shows Amina to Yousef Bey. Bey instantly recognizes her as the reincarnation of Ananka due to a birthmark.

The Mummy's Ghost 1944 Yousef Bey is mesmerised by Amina's beauty and decides to use the tana fluid to keep her young and beautiful forever. This enrages Kharis, who knocks the cup away and knocks Bey out of a window to his death.

Tom arrives and witnesses the death of the Priest. A struggle ensues, but Tom is quickly overwhelmed by Kharis. Kharis escapes with Amina and are pursued by a mob into the nearby swamps. In Kharis' arms, Amina ages rapidly. They go deeper and deeper into the swamps and begin to sink into the bog. Tom watches as Kharis and the 3,000 year old Egyptian Princess disappear under the water.

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Halliwell: A slight improvement on its predecessor.


  • Directed by Reginald Le Borg
  • Produced by Ben Pivar
  • Music by Frank Skinner
  • Cinematography William A. Sickner
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • The Mummy's Ghost (1944) is a sequel to The Mummy's Tomb (1942)

  • CAST

    John Carradine -- Yousef Bey | Robert Lowery -- Tom Hervey | Ramsay Ames -- Amina Mansouri / Ananka | Barton MacLane -- Inspector Walgreen | George Zucco -- Andoheb, High Priest of Arkan | Frank Reicher -- Prof. Matthew Norman | Harry Shannon -- Sheriff Elwood | Emmett Vogan -- Coroner | Lester Sharpe -- Dr Ayad, Scripps Museum | Claire Whitney -- Mrs Ella Norman | Lon Chaney Jr. -- Kharis (as Lon Chaney) | Oscar O'Shea -- Scripps Museum Watchman

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