The Mummy's Curse

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The Mummy's Curse 1944 The Mummy's Curse takes place 25 years after Kharis was buried in quicksand (events taking place in The Mummy's Ghost).

Dr James Halsey and Dr Ilzor Zandaab, representatives of the Scripps museum, arrive at a swamp in Cajun country where the Southern Engineering Company is trying to drain a swamp for the good of the public. The doctors are searching for two mummies that were buried in the swamp some years ago. When a workman is murdered, Halsey becomes convinced that that the murderer has uncovered the mummy of Kharis.

It is revealed that Dr Zandaab is secretly a high priest and he meets Ragheb, a disciple of the Arkam sect. Ragheb was the murderer of the workman and has taken the immobile Kharis to a deserted monastery.

Zandaab explains the legend of Kharis and Ananka to Ragheb as he brews the tana leaves, giving him instructions on their use. The old sacristan of the monastery intrudes on their ritual only to be executed by a risen Kharis.

Meanwhile, the mummy of Ananka rises from the swamp. She immerses herself in a pond, washing away the mud, to reveal a beautiful young woman.

Cajun Joe finds the girl wandering lifelessly in the swamps, calling out the name "Kharis." He takes her to Tante Berthe, the owner of the local pub, who helps the girl. Later, Kharis tracks her there and murders Berthe, as Ananka flees into the night.

Ananka is soon found lying unconscious beside the road by Halsey and Betty Walsh. The girl is suffering from amnesia but displays an incredible knowledge of ancient Egypt. Kharis again puts in an appearance, and a Dr. Cooper, is killed. Ananka again takes flight, and a group led by Halsey go in search of her.

Cajun Joe is killed by Kharis, and Ananka comes to Betty's tent seeking refuge. Kharis enters the tent and whisks away Ananka, leaving the horrified Betty unhurt.

The Mummy's Curse 1944 Betty asks Ragheb for his help, but he takes her to the monastery instead. Zandaab has administered tana fluid to the Ananka. He is angered to find Ragheb making advances on Betty, so he orders his death. Ragheb kills him instead. Halsey arrives, having tracked them from Betty's destroyed tent. Ragheb and Halsey struggle. Kharis, sensing Ragheb's betrayal, advances towards Ragheb. Ragheb locks himself inside a room only for Kharis to bring down the walls on the two of them. Halsey and the rest of the group find the mummified remains of Ananka in the adjoining room.

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AllMovie: Though most of the instalments of the mummy series tend to rehash story elements from the original Boris Karloff classic, this is one of the more original plotlines.

Tcm: Surprisingly eerie and effective, with a good performance by Virginia Christine.


Princess Ananka: It's as though I were two different people. Sometimes it seems as if I belong to a different world. I find myself in strange surroundings with strange people. I cannot ever seem to find rest! And now Kharis!


  • Directed by Leslie Goodwins
  • Produced by Oliver Drake & Ben Pivar
  • Music by William Lava & Paul Sawtell
  • Cinematography Virgil Miller
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • Sequel to The Mummy's Ghost (1944) and the final film in the mummy series.
  • The original working title was The Mummy's Return.
  • Received criticism for the use of stock footage from The Mummy(1932) and The Mummy's Hand(1940).

  • CAST

    Lon Chaney Jr. -- Mummy - Kharis (as Lon Chaney) | Peter Coe -- Dr Ilzor Zandaab | Virginia Christine -- Princess Ananka | Kay Harding -- Betty Walsh | Dennis Moore -- Dr James Halsey | Martin Kosleck -- Ragheb | Kurt Katch -- Cajun Joe | Addison Richards -- Pat Walsh | Holmes Herbert -- Dr Cooper | Charles Stevens -- Achilles | William Farnum -- Michael, the Sacristan | Napoleon Simpson -- Goobie

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