The Mummy



The Mummy 1932 - Universal Films An archaeological expedition in Egypt led by Sir Joseph Whemple discovers the mummy of prince Imhotep. Imhotep was condemned and mummified alive for attempting to resurrect his forbidden lover, the princess Ankhesenamon. Despite a warning, one of the team reads from an ancient scroll the Scroll of Thoth, bringing the mummy back to life and sending the team member insane. With the Scroll of Thoth in his possession, Imhotep prowls Cairo seeking the modern reincarnation of Ankhesenamon.

10 years later: Imhotep is now masquerading as a modern Egyptian named Ardath Bey. He locates Sir Joseph's son Frank and Prof. Pearson and shows them where to excavate to find Ankhesenamon's tomb. The tomb and the mummy is found and the treasures given to the Cairo Museum.

The Mummy 1932 - Universal Films When Imhotep encounters Helen Grosvenor, he believes her to be the reincarnation of Ankhesenamon as she bears a striking resemblance to the Princess. He attempts to kill Helen, with the intention of mummifying her, resurrecting her, and making her his bride. When Helen begins to remember her past life, she prays to the goddess Isis to save her. The statue of Isis raises its arm and emits a beam of light that destroys the Scroll of Thoth and reduces Imhotep to dust. While the Scroll of Thoth burns, Helen is called back to the world of the living.

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REVIEWS While The Mummy would gently fade into the pantheon of classic monster films, its importance to the genre, to Boris Karloff and Universal Pictures would remain. The Mummy is a classic horror film which seems to have suffered little from the vagaries of both time and ever-changing cinematic trends. In short, it is one of the real gems of monster movie history. The Mummy was followed by four stock footage-laden sequels, none of which approached the power and poignancy of the original.


From Trailer: Stranger than Dracula! More fantastic than Frankenstein! More mysterious than the Invisible man! Karloff the uncanny in... The Mummy


  • Directed by Karl Freund
  • Produced by Carl Laemmle Jr
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • This film was self-contained and had no sequels.
  • A lengthy and detailed flashback sequence was shot, but cut from the completed film.
  • The film was a success at the box office, particularly in England.

  • CAST

    Boris Karloff -- Imhotep | Zita Johann -- Helen Grosvenor | David Manners -- Frank Whemple | Arthur Byron -- Sir Joseph Whemple | Edward Van Sloan -- Doctor Muller | Bramwell Fletcher -- Ralph Norton | Noble Johnson -- The Nubian | Kathryn Byron -- Frau Muller | Leonard Mudie -- Professor Pearson | James Crane -- The Pharaoh

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