The Ghost Of Frankenstein



After recent events involving the Frankenstein Monster, the villagers fear that they are under a curse. They decide to destroy Frankenstein's castle. Ygor, still alive, flees through the catacombs and finds the Monster partly encased in a sulphuric tomb. They escape into the countryside and encounter a thunderstorm. The Monster is struck by a bolt of lightning and instead of being harmed by it, is instead rejuvenated. Ygor decides to find Ludwig, Frankenstein's second son, to help the Monster.

Ludwig Frankenstein has a successful practice in Vasaria, which he runs with his assistants Kettering and Bohmer. Ygor and the Monster arrive in Vasaria and the Monster quickly gets into trouble with the police after he befriends a local girl, Cloestine Hussman.

The Monster escapes from the police, and Ygor leads him to Ludwig's residence. Ygor and the Monster break into Ludwig's laboratory and Dr Kettering is killed. Finally, Ludwig sedates the Monster with knockout gas. He considers destroying the Monster once and for all.

While reading his father's journals, Ludwig is visited by the ghost of his father, who implores him to perfect his creation and thus correct his mistake, by giving the Monster a good brain.

Ludwig Frankenstein explains to Bohmer and Ygor that he plans to put Dr Kettering's brain into the Monster's skull. Ygor wants Ludwig to use his brain instead, but Ludwig refuses. Ygor taunts Bohmer and promises to help him if he would agree to put his brain into the Monster.

Later, the Monster returns to Frankenstein's chateau with Cloestine Hussman, his friend - the Monster wants the girls' brain in his head. Cloestine protests and the Monster reluctantly gives her to Elsa, Ludwig's daughter. Ludwig Frankenstein then performs the brain surgery unaware that Bohmer has substituted Ygor's brain for that of Kettering's.

In the village, Herr Hussman rouses his neighbours by telling them his daughter has been captured by the Monster. They race to the chateau. Ludwig admits he has the Monster and agrees to show him to them. Upon Ludwig and one of the villagers arriving in the room, the Monster rises and Ludwig is shocked to hear Ygor's voice coming from him.

The villagers storm the chateau and the Monster gets Bohmer to fill the house with gas to kill them. The villagers find the Hussman girl and run from the building. The Monster suddenly goes blind and calls for Bohmer. The now mortally wounded Ludwig explains to Bohmer that Ygor's blood is incompatible and will not feed the sensory nerves. The Monster accuses Bohmer of tricking him and then throws him onto the apparatus electrocuting him. This inadvertently sets fire to the chateau, trapping the Monster inside. Outside, Erik and Elsa walk off towards the sunrise together.

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REVIEWS The best thing that can be said for Ghost is that it is the shortest of the Frankenstein movies at only 68 minutes. For Frankenstein fans, this is the perfect amount of time to waste on a movie like this. By the time The Ghost of Frankenstein came along, the Frankenstein franchise had peaked and, given the circumstances, it was inevitable that it would go into decline.

Halliwell: The rot set in with this flatly-handled potboiler, which had none of the literary mood or cinematic interest of Bride or Son which preceded it, and suffered from a particularly idiotic script.


Ygor: The lightning. It is good for you! Your father was Frankenstein, but your mother was the lightning!


  • Directed by Erle C. Kenton
  • Produced by George Waggner
  • Cinematography Woody Bredell & Milton R. Krasner
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) is a sequel to The Son of Frankenstein (1939).
  • The Ghost of Frankenstein marked the final appearance of the Monster in a solo capacity in the Universal Monsters series.

  • CAST

    Lon Chaney Jr -- The Monster (as Lon Chaney) | Cedric Hardwicke -- Ludwig Frankenstein (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke) | Ralph Bellamy -- Erik | Lionel Atwill -- Doctor Bohmer | Bela Lugosi -- Ygor | Evelyn Ankers -- Elsa Frankenstein | Janet Ann Gallow -- Cloestine | Barton Yarborough -- Dr Kettering | Doris Lloyd -- Martha | Leyland Hodgson -- Chief Constable | Olaf Hytten -- Hussman | Holmes Herbert -- Magistrate

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