Son Of Frankenstein



The son of Henry Frankenstein, Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, moves his wife, Elsa, and son, Peter, to his father's estate to claim his inheritance. With the memory of the Monster still fresh in the villagers' minds, Baron Wolf receives only hostility. The only friend he makes is the local policeman.

Wolf Frankenstein becomes obsessed with the idea of salvaging his late father's reputation. He meets Ygor, his father's demented assistant who cheated death after being cut down from the gallows. Ygor tells the Baron that the monster is still alive and living in a comatose state.

The Baron revives the creature with the intent of showing that his father's experiments were meant to aid life and not to injure it. However, Ygor has different designs and intends to use the creature to gain vengeance on those who sent him to the gallows.

When the Monster is revived, it only answers Ygor's wishes. Ygor uses the Monster to kill the jurors who were at his trial. Wolf discovers this and confronts Ygor. Wolf ends up shooting Ygor, and apparently killing him. The Monster finds Ygor's body and abducts Wolf's son, Peter, as revenge. When Peter's abduction is discovered, Inspector Krogh and Wolf pursue the Monster to the nearby laboratory. A struggle ensues and the Monster tears out Krogh's false arm. Wolf swings on a rope and knocks the Monster into a molten sulphur pit under the laboratory. His son is safe.

The film ends with the villagers turning out to cheer the Frankenstein family as they leave by train. Wolf leaves the keys to Frankenstein's Castle in the villagers' possession.

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REVIEWS Son of Frankenstein revivified the briefly stagnant horror genre, allowing the cycle of monsters to continue for another nine years. With a wonderful score written by Frank Skinner and arranged by Hans J Salter, Son of Frankenstein was the last of the series that critics took seriously. Lavishly made shocker is gripping and eerie, if a bit talky, with wonderfully bizarre sets by Jack Otterson and Lugosi's finest performance as evil, broken-necked blacksmith Ygor.


Inspector Krogh: One doesn't easily forget, Herr Baron, an arm torn out by the roots.


  • Directed by Rowland V. Lee
  • Produced by Rowland V. Lee
  • Music by Frank Skinner
  • Cinematography George Robinson
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • Son of Frankenstein (1939) is a direct sequel to The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
  • The film was a big hit and helped return Universal Studios to profitability.
  • Peter Lorre was originally cast as Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, but he had to leave the production when he became ill.
  • The film was intended to be shot in colour, but the monster's make-up did not look good enough.

  • CAST

    Basil Rathbone -- Baron Wolf von Frankenstein | Boris Karloff -- The Monster | Bela Lugosi -- Ygor | Lionel Atwill -- Krogh | Josephine Hutchinson -- Elsa von Frankenstein | Donnie Dunagan -- Peter von Frankenstein | Emma Dunn -- Amelia | Edgar Norton -- Benson | Perry Ivins -- Fritz | Lawrence Grant -- Burgomaster | Lionel Belmore -- Lang | Michael Mark -- Ewald Neumuller | Caroline Frances Cooke -- Mrs. Neumuller (as Caroline Cooke) | Gustav von Seyffertitz -- Burgher | Lorimer Johnston -- Burgher (as Lorimer Johnson)

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