Race With The Devil

| 88 MINS | COLOUR |


Race With The Devil 1975 Roger Marsh and Frank Stewart, and their wives Kelly and Alice, camp their RV in a desolate part of Texas en route for a vacation in Colorado. While there, they witness a satanic ritual where a woman becomes a human sacrifice. They are spotted and barely manage to escape with their lives.

They report the incident to the local sheriff who seemingly investigates but tries to suggest that what they probably saw were some hippies killing an animal. It becomes clear that the sheriff is part of the satanic cult.

Race With The Devil 1975 Before they leave, Roger steals a sample of the murder victim's blood with the goal of delivering it to the authorities in Amarillo. As they journey towards Amarillo, they find themselves pursued by a growing number of satanists networked throughout Texas.

Roger and Frank purchase a shotgun and engage in a showdown with a number of cult members in a high speed gunfight. They manage to fend off all of their attackers and believing that they are safe, stop to celebrate. With a bolt to their hearts, they hear chanting outside of their vehicle. The cult lights a ring of fire around the RV, trapping the couples inside.

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AllMovie: Race with the Devil is a novel fusion of a car-chase film and a supernatural horror. It became a surprise box-office hit in 1975 and remains a cult favourite. The genre switching downplays some of the film's supernatural elements, and this is one of the film's few flaws.

Timeout: The film is a winner all the way.


From trailer: There was nowhere to hide...there was no-one they could trust...there was nothing they could do...but run!


  • Directed by Jack Starrett
  • Produced by Paul Maslansky & Wes Bishop
  • Music by Leonard Rosenman
  • Cinematography Robert Jessop
  • Production company 20th Century Fox


  • The director claims that some of the film's extras were real life satanists.

  • CAST

    Peter Fonda -- Roger Marsh | Warren Oates -- Frank Stewart | Loretta Swit -- Alice Stewart | Lara Parker -- Kelly Marsh | R.G. Armstrong -- Sheriff Taylor | Clay Tanner -- Delbert | Carol Blodgett -- Ethel Henderson | Phil Hoover -- Mechanic | Ricci Ware -- Ricci Ware | Paul A. Partain -- Cal Mathers

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