Mad Love

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The great Parisian surgeon Dr. Gogol falls madly in love with Yvonne Orlac, a young stage actress. To his horror, he discovers that she is married to concert pianist Stephen Orlac.

When Stephen Orlac's hands are crushed in a train accident, Yvonne goes to Dr. Gogol and begs for him to restore Stephen's hands, knowing that they represent his life. Gogol agrees.

Gogol's decision is to surgically graft the hands of the executed murderer, Rollo the knife thrower, onto Stephen Orlac. The operation proves to be a total success, but there are some terrible side-effects.

Mad Love 1935 - Peter Lorre Mad Love 1935 - Peter Lorre


From trailer: His love was a pitiful...hopeless...madness...Yet the "thing" tired of pity - and demanded love!


  • Directed by Karl Freund.

  • CAST

    Peter Lorre -- Doctor Gogol | Frances Drake -- Yvonne Orlac | Colin Clive -- Stephen Orlac | Ted Healy -- Reagan, the American Reporter | Sara Haden -- Marie, Yvonne's Maid | Edward Brophy -- Rollo the Knife Thrower | Henry Kolker -- Prefect Rosset | Keye Luke -- Dr. Wong, Gogol's Assistant | May Beatty -- Françoise, Gogol's Housekeeper

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