I Don't Want To Be Born

| 95 MINS | COLOUR |


Lucy works as a dancer in a sleazy strip joint. Her weird act includes a routine with a dwarf named Hercules. One night, she invites Hercules into her dressing-room for a drink. He makes a pass at her and Lucy screams alerting Tommy, the stage manager. Tommy sacks Hercules on the spot. Later, as Lucy leaves the club, Hercules confronts her and curses her with the words, "You will have a baby...a monster! An evil monster conceived inside your womb! As big as I am small and possessed by the devil himself!"

After leaving her stripping days behind her, Lucy marries a wealthy Italian, Gino Carlesi. Lucy soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to a 12lb baby. Lucy is handed the baby and is soon possessing a slashed and bloody cheek from the baby's scratches. Other incidents occur when the baby is taken home; the housekeeper is bitten, and the new nursery is demolished. Is Lucy's baby truly cursed?

I Dont Want To Be Born 1975 I Dont Want To Be Born 1975

After coming home the incidents take a deadly turn. The baby's nurse is drowned, Gino is hanged and stuffed into a drain, the baby's doctor is decapitated with a spade and Lucy is stabbed through the heart with a pair of scissors.

Gino's sister Albana, a nun, decides that she must perform an exorcism on the baby to cast out the demons. Holding a crucifix and incanting in Latin, she persists with the exorcism even when the room starts to shake and the baby lashes out. Meanwhile, on stage, Hercules staggers around in pain and finally falls over dead when Albana touches a crucifix to the baby's head.


BritishHorrorFilms: Some films just defy description. This ranks highly among them.

RottenTomatoes: Absolutely awful. A murderous child cursed by a rapist dwarf, and a script worse than its concept.

Cinemaretro: A camp classic despite its flaws.

Considered a cult classic for all the wrong reasons!


Dr. Finch: This one doesn't want to be born.


  • Directed by Peter Sasdy
  • Produced by Nato de Angeles
  • Music by Ron Grainer
  • Cinematography Kenneth Talbot
  • Production company Rank Organisation


  • Known in the US as The Devil Within Her.

  • CAST

    Joan Collins -- Lucy Carlesi | Eileen Atkins -- Sister Albana | Ralph Bates -- Gino Carlesi | Donald Pleasence -- Dr. Finch | Caroline Munro -- Mandy Gregory | Hilary Mason -- Mrs. Hyde | John Steiner -- Tommy Morris | Janet Key -- Jill Fletcher | George Claydon -- Hercules | Derek Benfield -- Police Inspector

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