House Of Frankenstein



Dr Gustav Niemann escapes from prison with his hunchbacked cellmate, Daniel, after a destructive thunderstorm. They find refuge in a travelling carnival. The carnival owner has the skeleton of Count Dracula in his possession. After Daniel kills the owner they revive Count Dracula by removing the wooden stake from his skeleton. Niemann's aim is to use Dracula to kill those who sent him to prison. Events lead to Dracula perishing in the sunlight.

Niemann and Daniel encounter a gypsy caravan, where Daniel falls in love with a young gypsy girl, Ilonka. She travels with them to Frankenstein's ruined castle. There, they find the Frankenstein Monster and Larry Talbot, AKA the wolf-man, encased in ice. Daniel thaws them out and much to his distaste, the gypsy girl falls in love with Talbot. Niemann promises both Daniel and Talbot new bodies, but can he be trusted?

Talbot transforms into a werewolf and kills a man, drawing the attention of the villagers. Daniel reveals Talbot's curse to Ilonka but she is not deterred and promises to help him fight his disease.

When Niemann revives the Frankenstein monster, Talbot again turns into a werewolf. Ilonka shoots Talbot with a silver bullet, releasing him, but she is killed in the process. Daniel blames Niemann for her death and tries to strangle him. The Monster intervenes, throwing Daniel out of the window. The Monster carries the half-conscious Niemann outside, where the villagers chase them, driving them into the marshes. There, both the Monster and Niemann are quickly engulfed in quicksand.

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REVIEWS House of Frankenstein diminishes the complexity of some beloved monsters in order to serve a more action-oriented plot. Despite the hugely respectable box office dollars House of Frankenstein realised for Universal, and the vast production values and style it exudes, it is clear that the whole stable of the studio's monsters was running out of steam. In many ways the most endearing of Universal's B-grade "monster rallies" of the 1940s, House of Frankenstein manages within its 70-minute time span to make room for Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man, and a couple of new recruits, mad scientist Boris Karloff and demented hunchback J. Carroll Naish.


From trailer: Hordes of horror...spawned by the all together...In one horrific picture!


  • Directed by Erle C. Kenton
  • Produced by Paul Malvern
  • Music by Hans J. Salter & Paul Dessau
  • Cinematography George Robinson
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • House of Frankenstein (1944) is a sequel to Frankenstein Meets the Wolf-Man (1943).

  • CAST

    Boris Karloff -- Doctor Gustav Niemann | Lon Chaney Jr. -- Lawrence Talbot (as Lon Chaney) | J. Carrol Naish -- Daniel | John Carradine -- Dracula / Baron Latos | Anne Gwynne -- Rita Hussman | Peter Coe -- Karl Hussman | Lionel Atwill -- Inspector Arnz | George Zucco -- Professor Bruno Lampini | Elena Verdugo -- Ilonka | Sig Ruman -- Burgomeister Hussman | William Edmunds -- Fejos | Charles Miller -- Tobermann

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