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Count Dracula wants to find a cure for his vampirism, so he seeks help from Dr Franz Edelmann at his cliffside castle in Visaria. Dr Edelmann agrees to the Count's request and allows him to keep his coffin in the castle's cellar. Dr Edelmann has been working with his two assistants, Milizia and the hunchbacked Nina, on a mysterious plant whose juices have the ability to reshape human bone. He believes that the Count's deadly curse of vampirism can be cured by a series of blood transfusions. The Count agrees to take part in Edelmann's experiment and that evening Dr Edelmann uses his own blood for the transfusions.

That same night, Larry Talbot, AKA the wolf-man, arrives at Edelmann's Visarian castle and beseeches him to help cure him of the hideous curse of lycanthropy.

Talbot is asked to wait. Knowing that the moon is rising, Talbot surrenders to the police. Inspector Holtz asks Edelmann to see Talbot and they witness his transformation into the the wolf-man. He is transferred to the castle the next morning. Edelmann tells Talbot that he believes his transformations are triggered by pressure on the brain. Edelmann believes he can relieve the pressure, but needs more time to gather the substance necessary. Unable to consider another night as a beast, Talbot throws himself off the cliffs.

Edelmann searches for him and finds him in a cave. There they find the catatonic Frankenstein monster, still clutching the skeleton of Dr Niemann. Dr Edelmann takes the monster back to his lab, but considers it too dangerous to revive him.

The Count tries to seduce Milizia and make her a vampire, but Milizia wards him off. Nina warns Edelmann about Dracula, so he prepares a transfusion that will destroy the vampire. During the procedure, Dracula uses his hypnotic powers to put Edelmann and Nina to sleep; he then reverses the flow of the transfusion, sending his own blood into the Doctor's veins. When they awake, Dracula is carrying Milizia away. They revive Talbot and force Dracula away with a cross. Dracula returns to his coffin as the sun is beginning to rise. Edelmann follows him and drags the open coffin into the sunlight, destroying Dracula.

Edelmann begins to react to Dracula's blood, and becomes evil. Then he returns to normal. Edelmann performs the operation on Talbot, curing him. Afterwards, he transforms again into his evil self and brutally murders his gardener. When the townspeople discover the body, they follow him to the castle. There Holtz and Steinmuhl interrogate Talbot and Edelmann. Steinmuhl believes that Edelmann is the murderer, and intends to execute him. Edelmann, as his evil self, revives the Frankenstein Monster. Edelmann breaks Nina's neck and tosses her body into the cave. Holtz and Talbot lead the townspeople to the castle. The police attack the Frankenstein Monster, but the monster subdues them. Edelmann kills Holtz and is shot dead by Talbot. A fire breaks out, and the townspeople flee the burning castle. The burning roof collapses onto the Frankenstein Monster.

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REVIEWS One thing you certainly can't complain about with House of Dracula is that it is too long. House of Dracula unequivocally holds its own.

Halliwell: It is a gem of ineptitude. Its badness lies in its extremely flat handling and in the fact that the writers were not allowed to transfer to the screen the fun they must have had in cooking up its absurd plot.


Dr Edelman: Now, Mr. Talbot... You broke your promise to me, didn't you? Told the police. I don't like people who break their promises, Mr. Talbot.


  • Directed by Erle C. Kenton
  • Produced by Paul Malvern
  • Cinematography George Robinson
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • House of Dracula (1944) is a sequel to House of Frankenstein (1944).
  • Totally Non-PC now, Nina the hunchback was billed as one of the monsters in the film.
  • Glenn Strange appears as the Monster in most of the film, but footage was used of Chaney from The Ghost of Frankenstein and Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein.

  • CAST

    Lon Chaney Jr. -- Lawrence Stewart Talbot / The Wolf Man (as Lon Chaney) | John Carradine -- Count Dracula | Martha O'Driscoll -- Miliza Morelle | Lionel Atwill -- Police Inspector Holtz | Onslow Stevens -- Dr Franz Edelmann | Jane Adams -- Nina | Ludwig Stössel -- Siegfried (as Ludwig Stossel) | Glenn Strange -- The Frankenstein Monster | Skelton Knaggs -- Steinmuhl

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