A selection of horror films from the 1980s which you may find interesting:-

1. THE CHANGELING ( 1980 )

The Changeling ( 1980 )

John Russel, composer and music professor, loses his daughter and wife in a tragic car accident. He retires to a mansion and begins to experience strange occurrences linked to the previous occupants of the house.

2. THE FOG ( 1980 )

The Fog ( 1980 )

Antonio Bay, a small fishing village, is fast approaching its centenary. As the village prepares to celebrate, the victims of a terrible past crime rise from the sea to claim their revenge.

3. THE HAND ( 1981 )

The Hand ( 1981 )

Jon Lansdale, a comic book artist, loses his right hand in a car accident. The severed hand is nowhere to be seen, but it returns to follow Jon and to kill those who annoy him.

4. THE KEEP ( 1983 )

The Keep ( 1983 )

Nazis are sent to guard a mysterious Romanian citadel. The locals fear that the place is haunted. When soldiers begin to die, the Nazis turn to a Jew to help decode some old manuscripts.

5. MAUSOLEUM ( 1983 )


Susan is traumatised by her mother's death and is becoming possessed by a demon which possessed her mother before she died.

6. RAWHEAD REX ( 1986 )

Rawhead Rex ( 1986 )

An unwitting farmer releases Rawhead Rex, a nasty demon, from his underground prison. He rampages across the country, and only one man can stop him.

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