Horror Express

| 90 MINS | COLOUR |


Professor Alexander Saxton, an anthropologist, is returning home to Europe via the Trans-Siberian railway with a large crate carrying the remains of a primitive humanoid creature he discovered in the Himilayas. He is sure that it represents a missing link in the evolutionary chain. Dr Wells, Saxton's colleague, is also aboard the train.

Mysterious deaths then begin to occur. A thief is discovered dead, bleeding from the eyes, after having looked into the crate. A monk, Pujardov, claims that the crate is an omen of evil. Saxton dismisses this as nonsense and pays a baggage man to look into the crate and tell him what he sees. The baggage man does this and sees a creature with red eyes. Later, he is found dead in the crate with the humanoid creature nowhere to be seen!

Horror Express 1972 -  Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee Horror Express 1972 -  Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee


Mondo-esoterica: Horror Express is one of the most enjoyable horror films made during the 1960s/70s - boasting that most iconic of genre partnerships, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (and making full use of them - not just in cameo roles), and gaining from a well written script and solid production throughout.

Britishhorrorfilms: Prepare for a badly overacting Telly Savalas and an absolutely barking mad last half hour, which involves lots more death and some serious zombie action.


  • Directed by Eugenio Martin
  • Produced by Bernard Gordon & Gregorio Sacristan
  • Music by John Cacavas
  • Cinematography Alejando Ulloa
  • Production company Benmar Productions


  • The film was received positively in markets where the audience was familiar with low-budget horror films, such as Great Britain, the United States and Australia.

  • CAST

    Christopher Lee -- Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton | Peter Cushing -- Dr Wells | Alberto de Mendoza -- Father Pujardov | Silvia Tortosa -- Countess Irina Petrovski | Julio Pena -- Inspector Mirov | Angel del Pozo -- Yevtushenko (as Angel del Pozo) | Telly Savalas -- Captain Kazan | Helga Line -- Natasha | Alice Reinheart -- Miss Jones (as Alice Reinhart) | Jose Jaspe -- Conductor Konev (as Jose Jaspa) | George Rigaud -- Count Marion Petrovski (as Jorge Rigaud)

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