Hands of the Ripper



It is 1888 and a rowdy mob is tracking Jack the Ripper through the streets after he has committed one of his bloody murders. He arrives home after his nightly excursion, only for his wife to finally suss out what he has been getting up to. He stabs his wife to death in front of his young daughter, Anna.

Fifteen years later, and now Anna is an attractive young woman who works as a general dogsbody for a charlatan spiritualist, Mrs Golding. Sceptic Dr Pritchard attends one of Mrs Golding's seances suitably unimpressed. Another guest, politician Dysart pays Mrs Golding money for the privilege of having sex with the young Anna. Dysart's clumsy attempts at seduction trigger flashbacks in Anna, and under this influence she impales the medium to the floor with a poker.

Hands of the Ripper 1971 - Hammer Films Hands of the Ripper 1971 - Hammer Films


Britishhorrorfilms: Hands Of The Ripper is a brilliant film - but for its over-the-top violence it might have even been seen as a classic historical movie (but probably not)

Timeout: Sasdy keeps the tension reasonably high; nevertheless, one can't help experiencing a certain sense of déjà vu, for all the narrative ingenuity.

Classic-horror: One of the best obscure Hammer films, this is recommended for all enthusiasts of classic horror, Hammer films, and simply good cinema.


  • Directed by Peter Sasdy
  • Produced by Aida Young
  • Music by Christopher Gunning
  • Cinematography Kenneth Talbot
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • American censors removed 16 seconds from the murder sequences.
  • Hammer also approached the subject of the Ripper in the 1949 film Room to Let.

  • CAST

    Eric Porter -- Dr. John Pritchard | Angharad Reed -- Anna | Jane Merrow -- Laura | Keith Bell -- Michael Pritchard | Derek Godfrey -- Dysart | Dora Bryan -- Mrs Golding | Marjorie Rhodes -- Mrs Bryant | Lynda Baron -- Long Liz | Marjie Lawrence -- Dolly | Margaret Rawlings -- Madame Bullard | Elizabeth MacLennan -- Mrs Wilson | Barry Lowe -- Mr Wilson | A.J. Brown -- Rev. Anderson | April Wilding -- Catherine | Anne Clune -- 1st Cell Whore

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