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Frankenstein Must Be destroyed



Frankenstein Must be Destroyed 1969 - Hammer Films The evil Baron is up to his old tricks, obtaining fresh cadavers by nefarious means. When the police start closing in, he has to relocate.

Under a false name, Frankenstein takes up residence at Anna Spengler's guest house. When Frankenstein discovers that Anna and her fiance, Dr Karl Holst, are illicitly obtaining drugs to help Anna's sick mother, he takes the opportunity to blackmail the couple into helping him.

Dr Karl Holst's position at the local asylum becomes useful to Frankenstein. Dr Brandt, a medical genius, but now sadly insane, was going to share a secret with the Baron before he was admitted to the asylum. Frankenstein wants to kidnap Brandt and transplant his brain into another body with the intent of extracting the secret.

Frankenstein Must be Destroyed 1969 - Hammer Films With the brain transplant complete, Frankenstein, Anna and Karl relocate Brandt to a deserted manor house before the police close in. Brandt awakens, and horrified by his new appearance, escapes to his wife, who cannot believe that he is her husband. He allows his wife to go free and pours paraffin around the house.

Meanwhile, Frankenstein notices that Brandt has escaped. He tracks him to his wife's house and Brandt sets it alight, stating: "...You must choose between the flames and the police, Frankenstein..."

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TimeOut: Fisher taps a rich vein of romanticism. This marks the high point of the Frankenstein series.

Mondo-Esoterica: A must see for all Hammer fans. One of their best films.

AllMovie: While Peter Cushing's character is more one-dimensional than usual, he does an excellent job as the Baron.


Baron Frankenstein: Had man not been given to invention and experiment, then tonight, sir, you would have eaten your dinner in a cave. You would've strewn the bones about the floor then wiped your fingers on a coat of animal skin. In fact, your lapels do look a bit greasy. Good night.


  • Directed by Terence Fisher
  • Produced by Anthony nelson Keys
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Arthur Grant
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • The controversial rape scene was added at the last minute because Hammer's studio head thought the film lacked "sex".

  • CAST

    Peter Cushing -- Dr Baron Victor Frankenstein | Veronica Carlson -- Anna Spengler | Freddie Jones -- Professor Richter | Simon Ward -- Dr Karl Holst | Thorley Walters -- Inspector Frisch | Maxine Audley -- Ella Brandt | George Pravda -- Dr. Frederick Brandt | Geoffrey Bayldon -- Police Doctor | Colette O'Neil -- Mad Woman | Frank Middlemass -- Third Houseguest (plumber) | George Belbin -- Fourth Houseguest (playing chess) | Norman Shelley -- Second Houseguest (smoking pipe) | Michael Gover -- First Houseguest (reading newspaper) | Peter Copley -- Asylum Principal | Jim Collier -- Dr. Otto Heideke

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