Dracula AD1972



London 1872: In a deadly confrontation, Professor Lawrence van Helsing and Count Dracula do battle on top of a runaway carriage. The carriage finally crashes into a tree killing van Helsing and impaling Dracula on the spoke of a wheel. A passing gentleman collects the dust from the bones of Dracula along with his ring.

London 1972: A group of young swingers, looking for some cheap thrills, are persuaded by Johnny Alucard to take part in a black mass. The youths meet at a local church, which is scheduled to be torn down. With Johnny leading the ceremony, he slashes his wrists and mixes it with the dust of Dracula's bones that was collected 100 years ago. He then pours it over Laura Bellows, one of the gathered youths. Seeing this Jessica, another of the contingent, freaks and makes her escape.

The next morning, the body of Laura Bellows is found drained of blood and Professor van Helsing, grandson of Lawrence van Helsing, and grandfather to Jessica, fears that Dracula has been resurrected once again. He also fears that Dracula will be targeting Jessica...

Dracula AD1972 1972 - Hammer Films Dracula AD1972 1972 - Hammer Films


Britishhorrorfilms: It has to be said... this film isn't very good. It has it's moments, sure, and some of the dialogue has to be heard to be believed, but somehow the whole thing falls more than a bit flat.

Allmovie: Despite some well-staged scenes, a thrilling prologue (involving a tense battle between Lee and Cushing aboard a runaway coach) and the presence of the stunning Caroline Munro, this is definitely one of the weaker entries in the series, and the script gives Lee very little to do with the hissing, red-eyed villain.


Professor Van Helsing: [spelling Johnny Alucard's surname backwards] A disciple of Dracula. Oh my God!


  • Directed by Alan Gibson
  • Produced by Roy Skeggs & Don Houghton
  • Music by John Cacavas
  • Cinematography by Brian Probyn
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions


  • The opening scene is completely new (not seen in the previous Dracula film Scars of Dracula) and sets a new short series of the Hammer Horror Dracula chronology.

  • CAST

    Christopher Lee -- Count Dracula | Peter Cushing -- Professor Van Helsing | Stephanie Beacham -- Jessica Van Helsing | Christopher Neame -- Johnny Alucard | Michael Coles -- Inspector | Marsha A. Hunt -- Gaynor (as Marsha Hunt) | Caroline Munro -- Laura Bellows | Janet Key -- Anna | William Ellis -- Joe Mitcham | Philip Miller -- Bob | Michael Kitchen -- Greg | David Andrews -- Detective Sergeant | Lally Bowers -- Matron Party Hostess | Constance Luttrell -- Mrs. Donnelly | Michael Daly -- Charles

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