Bride Of Frankenstein



Dr Henry Frankenstein and his creation are still alive and not dead as believed by the villagers. Henry wants to finish with his experimentation and live a peaceful life with his new wife, Elizabeth.

Unexpectedly, his old professor, Dr Pretorius, comes to visit. He tells Henry that he wishes to collaborate with him to produce a mate for the Monster. Henry refuses and Pretorius calls in the Monster. The Monster kidnaps Elizabeth, and Pretorius promises her safe return for Henry's assistance. Henry grudgingly accepts and a new creature is given birth.

As a storm rages, Henry Frankenstein makes his final preparations. The body is raised to the roof and electricity is sent through it after lightning strikes a kite. After lowering the body, Dr Pretorius declares, "The bride of Frankenstein!"

The excited monster sees his mate, but his hideous visage is too much and she screams her rejection of him. At this, the monster rampages through the laboratory. He tells Henry and Elizabeth Frankenstein to flee but to Dr Pretorius and the bride he says, "You stay, we belong dead!" The monster pulls a lever and and triggers the destruction of the castle tower.

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REVIEWS Bride of Frankenstein is the quintessential example of everything that is wonderful about classic horror. Almost perfect in every way, Bride of Frankenstein was the height of the golden age of Universal horror, and certainly James Whale's finest hour. The Bride of Frankenstein is in nearly all ways superior to Whale's original Frankenstein four years earlier.


The Monster: We belong dead!


  • Directed by James Whale
  • Produced by Carl Laemmle Jr
  • Music by Franz Waxman
  • Cinematography John J. Mescall
  • Production company Universal Pictures


  • The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) is a direct sequel to Frankenstein (1931)
  • The film was shot in 46 days.
  • The Bride is on screen for less than 5 minutes.
  • Elsa Lanchester never receives a screen credit for "The Bride."

  • CAST

    Boris Karloff -- The Monster (as Karloff) | Colin Clive -- Henry Frankenstein | Valerie Hobson -- Elizabeth | Ernest Thesiger -- Doctor Pretorius | Elsa Lanchester -- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley / The Bride | Gavin Gordon -- Lord Byron | Douglas Walton -- Percy Bysshe Shelley | Una O'Connor -- Minnie | E.E. Clive -- Burgomaster

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