When a young Psychiatrist, Dr Martin, goes to a remote asylum for a position, he expects to be interviewed by a Dr Starr, but instead he is greeted by Dr Rutherford. Dr Rutherford explains that Dr Starr is now one of the patients and that if he can tell which of four inmates is the real Dr Starr, the position is his. Four stories are related by the inmates:-

(1.) Frozen Fear: Walter, a cheating husband, wants to get rid of his wife, Ruth, so that he can go off with his mistress. After he kills Ruth and chops her body up, he realises that her necklace may have imbued her body with strange powers.

(2.) The Weird Tailor: Bruno, a Jewish tailor, is approached by a man with a strange request. He asks him to make a suit for his son but that it must be made with a weird material and only during the hours of darkness. When he delivers the suit, he sees the amazing result of his handiwork.

(3.) Lucy Came To Stay: After recovering from a nervous breakdown, Barbara stays with her brother and nurse. Being lonely, she is cheered to find that her old friend Lucy has managed somehow to get into the house. Barbara tells Lucy that her brother and nurse are keeping her prisoner.

(4.) Mannequins Of Horror: Dr Byron, a surgeon, makes small dolls with real organs, and he believes that he can bring them to life. He wants to use them to gain vengeance on the asylum that has imprisoned him.

Asylum 1972 - Amicus Films Asylum 1972 - Amicus Films


BritishHorrorFilms: Asylum seems to split popular opinion right down the middle. Depending on who you talk to, or what you read, itís either film company Amicusís greatest masterpiece or their dullest folly.

SpookyIsles: In all, Asylum is well-written, acted and directed and draws the audience in from the beginning with just the right amount of scares and mystery and a superb twist in the tail which will leave viewers satisfied and shaken and stands Asylum apart from other Amicus anthologies.

BritMovie: Despite the horror anthology being very silly the stories are gruesomely entertaining.


Dr Martin: Working with the mentally disturbed can cause a breakdown.


  • Directed by Roy Ward Baker.
  • Written by Robert Bloch.

  • CAST

    Britt Ekland -- Lucy | Herbert Lom -- Byron | Patrick Magee -- Dr. Rutherford | Barry Morse -- Bruno | Barbara Parkins -- Bonnie | Robert Powell -- Dr. Martin | Charlotte Rampling -- Barbara | Sylvia Syms -- Ruth | Richard Todd -- Walter | James Villiers -- George | Geoffrey Bayldon -- Max Reynolds | Ann Firbank -- Anna | Megs Jenkins -- Miss Higgins | John Franklyn-Robbins -- Stebbins

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