And Now The Screaming Starts!



It is England, 1795. Newlyweds Charles Fengriffen and his wife Catherine arrive at the Fengriffen mansion. It is not long before Catherine is beset by a spooky series of hallucinations, namely, a creepy severed hand, and a baleful ghost, with no eyes, staring in through the window.

When it is announced that she has fallen pregnant, Catherine is sent into a downward spiral and has a breakdown. It becomes clear that Charles is withholding a dark secret about the Fengriffen family from Catherine.

To assist in finding a solution to the visions and attacks that are tormenting Catherine, Charles brings in the help of a man of science, Dr Pope.

And now The Screaming Starts 1973 - Amicus Films And now The Screaming Starts 1973 - Amicus Films


Britishhorrorfilms: It can be a bit slow in places, but thereís much to recommend this film - not least Beachamís chest, I mean performance.

Timeout: The film might more accurately have been called The Screaming Never Stops, because Beacham screeches incessantly throughout, an effect more wearing than suspenseful.

Mondoesoterica: Boasting some very strong acting, solid production, beautiful music and an inspired directorial turn from Roy Ward Baker, And Now the Screaming Starts is a near-perfect ghost story, with only some elements of the script letting it down.


  • Directed by Roy Ward Baker
  • Produced by Max Rosenberg, Milton Subotsky & Gustave Berne
  • Music by Douglas Gamley
  • Cinematography Denys Coop
  • Production company Amicus Productions


  • The film received a lukewarm reception in Britain and America on its release.

  • CAST

    Peter Cushing -- Dr Pope | Herbert Lom -- Henry Fengriffen | Patrick Magee -- Dr Whittle | Stephanie Beacham -- Catherine Fengriffen | Ian Ogilvy -- Charles Fengriffen | Geoffrey Whitehead -- Silas (woodsman) | Guy Rolfe -- Maitland | Rosalie Crutchley -- Mrs Luke | Gillian Lind -- Aunt Edith | Sally Harrison -- Sarah | Janet Key -- Bridget | John Sharp -- Henry's friend | Norman Mitchell -- Constable | Lloyd Lamble -- Sir John Westcliff

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